Feb 25, 2012


from 12pm to 1am, I was with this girl.

if you just put the little things about a day together (even if there were disappointments or any debbie downers that came about), you might just find that it's the little things that matter most. and if you would just take the time to stop and write them down, yes- even the littlest things, you might just surprise yourself with how sweet life is.

the little things: homemade guacamole with chips, pomegranate lemonade that taste like summer, stuffing a plastic bag with all kinds of treasures and paying only $5 for ALL of it, happy dances, bunches and bunches of succulents at home depot, knowing that tulips are blooming, talks about how nothing will quite ever taste like the good ole in-n-out burger (I'm pretty sure the majority of the west coast takes pride in it), extra spread, getting really into white chicks and just married while crafting, getting into the zone while crafting and coming out with successful finished products, looking at all of the animals that need homes at petfinder.com, a friendly little guy named Koda, gyoza dumplings, laughing while watching friends and doing all of this with one of your favorites. yeah, it was a good day.

dear Friday, thank you for treating me so well. I truly didn't deserve a day as good as you.

dear God, thank you for giving me such a lovely Friday. I do not deserve to have had such an awesome day, but thank you for your grace and for continually showering my life with many blessings and as well as many trials to grow me.

3:07am, and well ain't life sweet.


Purposely at Home said...

yay for the little things. ;) have a happy day, my friend.


Kylee said...

love thrifting and LOVE your hair :)

Ashley said...

YOU ROCK! Fridays with you rock!

Sarah D. said...

OOoooOOO what thrift store is that?!

Ashley said...

"Are all of these clothes?"
"Alllllll of it?"